• Students in fifth grade will have 3 teachers and these teachers will work together as one team!  One teacher will teach language arts and writing while the other will teach science, social studies, and math. 

    Ms. Edmonds and Ms. Marousek will teach science, social studies, and math. In science your students will learn about forces, chemistry, geology, and ecology.  In social studies, they will study Reconstruction through the present day. In math, your students will learn to apply their math skills to real world situations. Students will be shown how to explain their answers in writing and as well as verbally. Some units students will explore will be fractions, measurement, and decimals.

    Ms. Lovell and Ms. Venturini will teach language arts and writing. Read alouds will be used to integrate social studies and science curriculum. Students will explore point of view, figurative language, character analysis, conflict, foreshadowing, irony, and many other skills. Students will focus on reading with feeling to match a character's mood, having stamina for reading independently, and the ability to discuss stories while using evidence to support their opinions.  Although we will write narratives and memoirs, as well as poetry, our main focus will be on persuasive writing. Students will learn to form an opinion about a topic and back it up with evidence from multiple sources.

    One field trip in 5th grade includes a trip to Carroll School to experience canning apples, sewing quilt pieces, planting corn, and picking cotton. They compare prices from 1920 to prices today. Leaders discuss life during the Great Depression.

    We look forward to an exciting year with the students!


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