1. Code of Dress strictly enforced
      • Violators will not be allowed to enter if scheduled to attend.
    1. Have proper materials to complete work while assigned to ISS
      • Bring all assignments, books, papers, writing utensils needed to complete work.
      • You will complete an ISS assignment on the first day served for a given infraction.
      • Assignments will be requested from your scheduled teachers.
        • If none are received, additional assignments will be provided by the ISS attendant.
    1. Be on Time…(EARLY) No Tardiness:
      • You will be in the ISS room at 8:26 to begin serving your time.
        • You are to enter and exit through the outside door to room.
        • Those reporting from the administrative office will use hall entrance.
      • A tardy will be charged to first block that student is scheduled to attend and punishment will follow school policy.
      • All privileges are revoked in ISS. Seniors may not leave at the senior bell.
    1. Stay seated facing the block wall:
      • Seated sideways and/or looking around is prohibited.
      • Feet must be kept on the floor.
    1. No Food or Drink Allowed:
      • Food = snacks, sunflower seeds, candy, gum, etc.
      • Lunch will be ordered from a limited menu from the cafeteria at regular rate for student. Lunch will be served at 2:00 PM.
    1. No Talking or Communicating with others
      • If you need assistance, raise your hand and the ISS attendant will come to you.
      • Want to know what time it is, bring a watch. Don’t ask!
    1. No Electronic devices on or visible:
      • Phones, Ipods, MP3 Players, Kindles, headphones, etc. will be confiscated and referral written.
    1. No Sleeping: Head up at all times:
      • Putting your head down counts as sleeping.
    1. No Vandalism:
      • Marking on desk, wall, seats or other property belonging to the school will be considered vandalism.
      • Report any vandalism noticed in your area to the ISS attendant when you arrive at your seat.
      • You will return your area to the condition that it is in at the end of the day.
    1. No Passes out of ISS:
      • Only two (2) restroom breaks…first at 10:30 AM and second at 2:30 PM.

    Violators of the rules established for ISS will be referred to their administrator and will be given additional consequences and/or punishment for that behavior. You can only be assigned ISS for a total of six full days. All discipline warranting suspensions after serving six days of ISS will result in out of school suspension (OSS).