• Our Core Beliefs
    We believe that...
    All individuals have intrinsic worth. 
    All individuals can learn. Learning depends upon basic needs (physical, social, intellectual and emotional) of every individual being met. 
    Understanding diversity and providing for individual differences enriches learning. 
    Reading is the foundation for unlimited learning. 
    Adults can enable students to fulfill their potential by developing positive relationships with them. 
    An environment where taking risks is encouraged promotes learning. 
    The home, school, and community is responsible for working interdependently to ensure the welfare of children. 
    School, home and community influence and promote lifelong learning. 
    Good health and fitness enhance academic performance. 
    A safe and nurturing environment is needed for learning to occur. 
    Citizenship skills are essential for an individual to become a productive member of society. 

    Rawlinson Road Middle School is a suburban school located in the northwestern part of the Rock Hill School District Three.