• Welcome to  Rawlinson Road Middle School. There are two teams at each grade level with four content teachers per team. Students have access to their Grade Level School Counselor and Exceptional Student Education staff members.

    Team 6-1

    • Eric Law, Social Studies
    • Melissa Philson, Science
    • Dr. Tracey Surrett, Language Arts
    • Kimberly Whetstine, Math

    Team 6-2

    • Jordan Canty, Social Studies
    • Cherral McIlwain, Language Arts
    • Shelley Parsons, Science
    • Handley Weathers, Math

    6th grade School Counselor:

    • Chrissy Atkinson

    6th grade ESE teacher:

    • Haley Register

    Team 7-1

    • Alicia Auton, Language Arts
    • Riley Cryderman, Social Studies
    • Jordyn Platt, Science
    • Khrishana Wright, Math

    Team 7-2

    • Brandy Apsega, Language Arts
    • Carter Baran, Social Studies
    • Shannon Chumley, Science
    • Whitney Misenheimer, Math

    7th grade Counselor:

    • Dr. Loren McNeal

    7th grade ESE teacher:

    • T'Keia Williams

     Team 8-1

    • Jessica Fuentes, Language Arts
    • Brian Hammond, Math
    • Tina Macer, Science
    • Dr. Deitra Williams, Social Studies

    Team 7-2

    • Emily Abernethy, Math
    • Tyler Anderson, Social Studies
    • Jennifer Horne, Language Arts
    • Jewell Reynolds, Science

    8th grade Counselor:

    • Adrienne Cunningham

    8th grade ESE teacher:

    • Kelly Mitchell


    Please contact the school at 803-981-1500 to speak to or leave a message for any teacher.

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