• CTSHealth

    When students need more intensive support, a counselor from CTSHealth is available in our school.  Families interested in school-based services may contact their school guidance counselor or CTSHealth. The school-based counselor works with the students, parents, guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators to improve students' school performance.  Parental consent is required before a student can receive these services.

    Home/School Worker

    Our home/school worker is available to assist families in their times of need.  She visits homes at the request of teachers, a counselor, or an administrator to help students be more successful in school.  She works with students who are often absent to improve their attendance.  She also works to ensure a safe home environment for the students.

    School Psychologist

    Our school psychologist provides intervention and evaluations to determine if a student is eligible for special education support services. She also provides consultative services to teachers and staff along with coordinating services with outside agencies.

    Academic Support

    When it is determined that students need academic support to help them be more successful, this assistance is provided. One teacher per grade provides services to these students during regular academic classes. In addition, there are three classes for students that need intensive academic assistance.

    Behavior Intervention Classroom

    At times during the middle school years, young adolescents are not totally in control of their behaviors. Sometimes, changes in their physical bodies, home lives, and friendships lead to disruptive behavior. When these behaviors hamper learning in the classroom, teachers may refer students to the Behavior Intervention Classroom for the rest of the class period. Students may also be referred to this classroom by their teacher or by a principal. While in the BI Classroom, students may complete work not done in the classroom. A student also receives counseling about how he/she could have handled the situation better.

    School Resource Officer

    Our School Resource Officer provides a police presence at the school and assists in ensuring a safe school environment. The intent of having the presence of an SRO in middle school is to proactively identify and address potentially unsafe situations.