• Student Supply Lists for Rock Hill Middle Schools 2019-20

    Please provide the following for your children for the coming year.

    All students are expected to have a bookbag to carry materials/supplies.

    Quantity                       Item

    Have at home

    1 pack               Colored pencils

                            Graph paper

    Organizational items

                             Binders (either three 2 inch or five one inch) (All schools except STMS)

    2                       Medium binders (STMS only)

    2                       sets of ten Dividers

    2                       Spiral notebooks

    2                       Marble composition books

    4                       Pocket folders with 3 hole punch (STMS only)

    1                       Three-subject notebook (CHMS 8th grade only)

    General Supplies

    500-750 sheets          Notebook paper (for the year) - keep at home to refill as needed

    75-100                       Pencils (if using mechanical pencils, please have enough lead and erasers for the year - keep some in                                        locker and others at home

    1                                pair Inexpensive earbuds for use at school; consider a back-up set for home. (Please do not send                                              expensive earbuds to school with your child).

    5                                 Highlighters

    5                                 Ink pens (blue or black)

                                       Handheld pencil sharpeners

    1 pack                         Colored pencils (for school)

    Purchase at school

    1                                 PE Uniform

    RRMS and CHMS Only

    1                                Combination lock for lockers.


    Click the link below for a printable list.

     Student Supply Lists for Rock Hill Middle Schools 2019-2020