• DRESS CODE (Rock Hill School District Policy JICA)                     

    Saluda Trail Middle School Dress Code

    District board policy states that the board reserves the right to bar from school students whose personal appearance is disruptive to the educational process and orderly operation of the school. Discretion to formulate reasonable dress codes is left to the administration.  In order to carry out this policy, Saluda Trail Middle School has adopted the following rules regarding dress to be complied with anytime students are in the school building:  

    1. Saluda Trail official logos are permitted on tops. Shirts must have a collar and sleeves. V-neck collared shirts are prohibited.  Boys and girls must wear golf type or button down shirts in long or short sleeve.  Shirts must be any solid color without a logo.  Purple STEAM embroidered polo shirts are allowed and may be purchased at the main office. All other manufacturer’s brand/slogan or other non-school logos on tops are prohibited. Students may wear Saluda Trail issued buttons or stickers to cover logos. Stripes and trim colors on any tops are also prohibited.  Shirt buttons must begin at the neck and only 2 (two) factory buttons from the collar may be unbuttoned.  Any solid crew-neck t-shirts may be worn underneath the collared shirt, but must be high enough to come above the second button of the collared shirt. Boys and girls shirts/blouses, regardless of knit or other fabric, must be tucked completely. All tops should be tucked in at least 3-4 inches to avoid tops coming out of the pants throughout the day.

    2. Sweaters and sweatshirts must be navy, white, yellow, gray, or black solid color without a logo. These must be worn over a collared shirt with the collar visible. ONLY SCHOOL PURCHASED STMS LIGHTWEIGHT JACKETS MAY BE WORN INSIDE THE BUILDING. Hooded sweatshirts (Hoodies) are prohibited in the building. Standard waist logos found on pants and shorts are permitted.

    3. Heavy or bulky outerwear (coats and jackets) should be locked in lockers during class time. Non-dress code sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts are not to be worn in the building.  If students are headed to outside lunch, all coats and outside jackets must be carried and put on when they get outside. Students should remove these items immediately upon reentry into the building.

    4. All pants, skirts, shorts, capris, and skorts must be khaki, black, or navy in color. Wind pants, stretch/skinny pants, jeggings, yoga pants, jeans, and sweats are prohibited. All pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt that is properly buckled. All shorts and skirts should be worn no shorter than four inches from the top of the knee. This will be measured from the top of the slit if on a skirt.

    5. All pants and shorts must rest at the waist and back pockets must be at hip level.  “Sagging” is prohibited. Additionally, shirts and jackets should not be worn tied around the waist.

    6. All students must wear shoes. All shoes, including sandals, must have a back or strap that secures the heel of the foot. Shoes must be tied or buckled as they are designed. If the shoe itself is not equipped with a back as originally sold or purchased, then the shoe is not proper footwear and the student is out of dress code. For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to wear shower shoes, bedroom shoes, slides, or flip-flops.  

    7. Clothing should be worn as the manufacturer intended and in a manner that does not cause a distraction or disruption to the normal operation of class or school. Clothing should be worn with appropriate undergarments that should remain not visible. All clothing must be size appropriate.  Form-fitting, provocative (thin straps, tube tops, low necklines, strapless, too tight, too short, muscle shirts, revealing clothing, tank tops, see-through clothing) and ripped/cut/torn clothing should not be worn at any time at school. No skin should be visible between the pants and shirt at any time. Offensive/suggestive writing, pictures, and patches on clothing/jewelry are also prohibited. This includes advertising for alcohol/tobacco products or promotion of violence.  

    8. Head coverings including, but not limited to, dorags, bandannas, hats, etc. should NOT be worn in school. Offenders risk having these articles confiscated. Earmuffs or hoods on coats, sweatshirts or shirts may not cover the head in buildings or classrooms. Bandanas and do-rags are prohibited on school grounds. 

    9. All long jewelry (that extends beyond the collar) must be tucked in, regardless of the style.

    10. Visible piercings are limited to the ears and the nose only.  Nose piercings are limited to single studs (no rings or hoops).  All other piercings and ANY tattoos should not be visible at any time.  Students must remove any prohibited facial piercings and must cover tattoos within the dress code standards.

    1.Belts should be buckled and sashes tied. 
    2. Sunglasses and hats may not be worn in the building or classrooms.
    3. Curlers, combs and picks may not be worn in the hair. 
    4. Jewelry with spikes is not permitted. This includes chokers, wristbands, dog leashes, chains, etc. Items that could be used as a weapon may not be worn or brought to school. 

    If necessary, the administrative staff will meet to approve any attire not covered by the dress code.  The principal reserves the right to repeal or amend any changes to the policy as necessary and will communicate all changes to students, parents/guardians, and staff in writing prior to implementing any changes.  The principal also reserves the right to waive any of these rules for special days, events, and occasions as predetermined and adequately communicated to students, parents/guardians, and staff.

    Students that are found in violation of the Standard Code of Dress may be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the grade level administrator and building principal.  Disciplinary action may range from after-school detention for simple and/or occasional violations to suspension for students who continually and willfully violate the policy.  Students who come to school inappropriately dressed or out of compliance may be held out of class until the violation is reasonably corrected.  Absences from class as a result of dress code violations will be ruled unlawful/unexcused.