• Our Mission
    We will create a child-centered learning environment where ALL children will learn at high levels.

    Our Vision
    At SPCAS the faculty and staff will...

    • Purposefully collaborate.
    • Empower students to discover, develop, and accelerate academically, creatively, and socially.
    • Use practices that are research based and responsive to the needs of our students.
    • Collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders to ensure student success.

    Our Motto

    Taking the LEAD in Education!

    Leadership * Enrichment * Acceleration * Differentiation

    Our Objectives

    • To provide an educational environment that encourages each child to think independently and have an “I CAN” attitude
    • To guide each child to accept responsibility for his or her behavior and to make good responsible decisions and choices
    • To develop leadership qualities and to respect the rights of others
    • To provide each child with dedicated, professional teachers trained in current methodology and delivery skills
    • To respect the individual differences of children and to provide each child with the opportunity to succeed
    • To promote in each child the skills of citizenship
    • To utilize resources in the community to develop in each child an awareness of social and occupational opportunities
    • To provide experiences that will allow each child to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally
    • To promote the development of higher-order thinking skills in each child
    • To introduce technological learning situations based on current research and innovation that will assist each child in meeting the needs of our changing society
    • To encourage group situations, both large and small, whereby each child will have the opportunity to work and plan cooperatively with others
    • To nurture a positive self-concept and to help each child recognize and evaluate his or her potential