• Student is logging in through the Launchpad…..

    From Chrome Browser, go to


    User Name: First and Last Initial and ID number (KG12345)

    Password: Birthdate (9262006) one or two digit month, two digit day, four digit year

    Once on the dashboard, click the Canvas Icon


    Student is logging on directly to canvas NOT through the Launchpad…

    From Chrome Browser, go to


    User Name: First and Last initial and ID number with @rhmail.org (KG12345@rhmail.org)

    Password: Birthdate


    Pairing Codes:

    Once the student has access into their canvas account, they can generate a Pairing Code for parents. https://youtu.be/SQuCrDqfBC8 (video tutorial) (pairing codes regenerate in 7 days)


    Parent creates a parent account by going to rockhillinsttucture.com https://youtu.be/HeQZtx-T69g (video tutorial)