• As a part of the High Schools That Work Network (HSTW ) network, South Pointe has teamed with other high schools around the state that work toward implementing those philosophies and practices that are designed to raise student achievement and graduation rates. As a part of the network, a major point of emphasis for South Pointe has been encouraging each student to take the most challenging courses that he or she is able to successfully complete.

    South Pointe is fortunate to be able to offer numerous courses that meet the most rigorous standards and are recognized by colleges and universities around the country as being notably challenging. Those course offerings include those at the honors level and particularly those that are dual credit college level courses, Advanced Placement ( AP ) courses, and International Baccalaureate ( IB ) courses.

    The College Board, an organization that provides information to students desirous of attending colleges, states that taking such courses is an indication to prospective universities that students are more likely to be prepared for college-level work and are willing to challenge themselves academically. In addition, these courses have a higher weighting that typically increases a student's grade point average ( GPA ) , a factor universities consider when reviewing applications and that may also make the student eligible for academic scholarships.

    Take time with your child to learn more about these courses and view them in terms of his or her goals for life after graduation. It will be time well spent that may pay dividends in the near future!