Students who become ill during school hours should report to the Health Room with a pass. The school nurse will make arrangements for them to go home or report back to class as necessary. Students without a pass will be referred to an administrator for cutting class.

    The health room is for students having emergency health situations such as: fever, moderate to severe pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or first aid needs. Simple headaches and colds cannot be accommodated. Students will be allowed to stay in the health room for only a short period of time while a determination is made on their need to go home or return to class. Students that are too ill to be in class are too ill to be at school. The number of health room visits by individual students will be monitored. If a pattern of misuse is identified, the parent will be notified and disciplinary action may be taken. Students with a documented chronic illness may be an exception to this rule.



    Students are allowed to bring and take over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, cough drops, Oragel etc. while at school. They should not share medicines with other students.

    Students who need prescription medicine during school hours must have a signed RHSD III medication form from their physician. One signed form per medicine is required for each school year. These forms can be found on the Rock Hill School District III website.All prescription medications must be stored in the Health Room.

    No medicine is to be shared or given to any student other than the student who has permission to carry the medicine. Penalty for distributing medication to other students is suspension or expulsion from school and possibly police charges. This is district policy.

    Students may be authorized to carry, monitor and self administer inhalers, insulin pumps, glucometers or epi-pens with written permission from the student’s health care provider and parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian will sign a statement acknowledging that the district will incur no liability as a result of any injury arising from taking or using medications or self-monitoring devices by the pupil and that the parent/legal guardian will indemnify and hold harmless the district and its employees and agents against any claims arising out of the self-monitoring or self- administration of medication by the pupil. 

    Receipt of the above will authorize a student to possess and administer medication while in the classroom or on school grounds, at a school sponsored activity, in transit to and from school or school sponsored activities, or during before or after school activities on school operated property.

    Neither the school district nor its personnel will be responsible for the occurrence of any adverse drug reactions when the medication has been given in the manner prescribed. The district may revoke a student’s permission to self-administer medication if the student endangers him/herself or others through misuse of the monitoring device or medication.
    SC Law 5l9-64-80 (See the school nurse for Medication Permission Form for Medicines at School)