SPHS Advanced Studies Website


    Advanced Studies Mission Statement:

    Advanced Studies courses and programs at South Pointe High School will provide equitable access to engaging and rigorous curricula that cultivate critical thinking, self-management, and open-mindedness, leading to success and active participation within the global community.

    Advanced Placement courses provide students with an opportunity to engage in challenging and thought-provoking courses around a designated area of interest or strength for the student.  The AP coursework is not designed to be a connected or integrated program of study.  AP courses allow students to delve deeply into the content and knowledge of a particular course.

    Assessment: Student mastery of content is measured by both multiple choice and essay questions (free response questions).  All AP courses emphasize strong writing and communication skills, as well as critical and analytical thinking skills within the discipline.

    Advanced Placement Courses Offered:

    · AP Language and Composition (11th grade course; A/B day with AP US History)

    · AP Literature and Composition (12th grade course; A/B day with AP European History)

    · AP US History (11th grade course; A/B day)

    · AP European History (12th grade course; A/B day)

    · AP American Government and Politics

    · AP Psychology

    · AP Calculus AB or BC (12th grade; one semester)

    · AP Statistics (one semester)

    · AP Biology (two-semester course)

    · AP Chemistry (two-semester course)

    · AP Environmental Science

    · AP Art


    AP English and History courses are offered on an A/B day schedule.  Other courses are offered as a semester course or a year-long, two-semester course.  Enrollment in AP courses does require completion of prerequisite courses.  It is an expectation that the subject area in which the student chooses to enroll is one of strength.  All AP examinations are administered at the completion of the course in the spring.