• What Our Day/Week Looks Like

    Each Monday, our 6 classrooms gather in our Gathering Room to start our week together. During this time, we discuss various topics that pertain to our learning environment. Sometimes a teacher will lead these conversations and sometimes students will assume the responsibility. These presentations show how the content learned within the classroom environment connects to our lives outside of the classroom. An example of this is how learning about explorers discovering new lands is related to us as learners discovering new knowledge. The program meets again on Friday afternoon to communicate and analyze how we applied the week’s message to our learning lives.

    Each day is filled with a variety of learning experiences but may not always follow a typical pattern. Learning involves pursuing the answer to a question or observation, sometimes posed by the teacher and sometimes created by the students. Some curricular units call for students to research topics independently while others lean toward group activities. At times, students may be

    researching the answers to questions while other times, students may be creating something to express the knowledge that they gained in order to share with their classmates. There is also time and space created within our schedule for students to pursue their own curiosities and passions. These passion projects may stem from something that was learned within the curriculum or from some other experience that students have had in their lives.