•      It is the goal of Ebenezer Ave.’s School of Inquiry that students who attend the school will develop the following characteristics. Self-reflections and teacher observations are tools that we use to help students become aware of these behaviors and to develop them further.



    Self-Control-- Comes to class prepared, pays attention and resists distraction, gets to work right away rather than procrastinating, remains calm, even when criticized or otherwise provoked, allows others to speak without interrupting is polite to peers and adults, and keeps temper in check


    Growth Mindset-- Gets over frustrations and setbacks quickly, believes that he/she can grow and develop socially, emotionally, and academically through dedication and hard work, and reflects on actions and experiences to learn


    Social-- Able to find solutions during conflicts with others, demonstrates respect for the feelings of others, knows how and when to include others, actively participates, and shows enthusiasm


    Gratitude-- Recognizes and shows appreciation for others and recognizes and shows appreciation for his/her opportunities


    Lives as an inquirer/wonderer-- Is eager to explore new things, asks and answers questions to deepen understanding, and actively listens to others