• Ebenezer Ave. School of Inquiry’s Creed and Belief Statements

    At Ebenezer’s School of Inquiry, our purpose is to empower learners.  We believe in giving learners the knowledge and skills to pursue THEIR passions, interests, and future.  We enforce this purpose through our creed and belief statements. 



    We are reflective, responsive, and intentional educators who teach readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, andsocial scientiststhe content and process of learning.


    Belief Statements

    • We believe building relationships is foundational; adults and children learn to know and care about each other.
    • We believe risk-taking is at the heart of learning; this happens in a safe and trusting environment.
    • We believe giving specific feedback, from a place of trust, is used to promote growth and change.
    • We believe teachers (tall and small) learn and live what we expect.  The roles of mentor and apprentice are fluid.
    • We believe using the language of inquiry and the disciplines promotes thought, growth, and change.
    • We believe in the power of thinking up with kids.