• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What time does school begin and end?  
        The school day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 2:10 p.m.
    2. What is the earliest I can drop my child off at school in the morning?  
        Students are permitted to arrive on school property at 7:00 a.m. Please do not drop off children prior to 7:00 a.m. as there will be no adults on         
        duty to monitor them and ensure they make it into the building safely.
    3. Where may I drop off and/or pick up my child?  
        Car riders will enter and exit the campus from the right side (side furthest from Northwestern High School). Car riders are not allowed to use the
        front entrance unless they enter with their parents.  Car riders must have a school issued car tag to show the staff. All others will be asked to
        park, enter the building, and show a valid ID. Bus riders will enter and exit the campus from the left side of the building (closest to
    4. What do I need to do when I need to pick my child up early?  
        The student is to bring a note signed by his/her parent to the school office. The note should include the date of early release, the time of pick-up
        and a contact number. The parent/guardian must come to the main office to sign his/her child out. Upon completion of sign out procedures, the
        receptionist/secretary will contact the classroom teacher to dismiss the student. The student should report to the main office. NO EARLY
    5. What do I do if my child is late for school?  
        If a student arrives after 7:40 a.m., he/she will have to sign-in at the main office. Unless a medical excuse is provided, the student will be marked
        with an unexcused tardy. 
    6. How do I contact my child’s teacher or request a conference with my child’s teacher?  
        We encourage parents and teachers to establish communication early in the school year. Teachers can be reached through email or by     
        telephone during their planning periods. If your child’s teacher is unavailable, you may leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as
        possible. We value your child’s instructional time and ask your consideration during class time. Academic teachers’ planning periods are during
        the time of your child’s specials.
    7. What do I do when my child is absent from school? 
        When your student returns to school, he/she is to bring a note including their name, date of absence, reason for absence and contact telephone
        number for verification. If the absence is medically related,please provide the doctor’s excuse.
    8. Is my child allowed to bring a backpack to school?  
        Students may bring backpacks to school.
    9. How long is my child allowed to stay after school?  
        Students should be picked immediately following the end of the school day, which is 2:10 pm. If you arrive after 2:40 pm, you will have to come        in and personally sign out your student. In the event of a late pick up due to an emergency, parents should notify the principal. 
    10. What do I do if my child takes medication or has food allergies that require medication?  
          Visit the Health Services webpages on the School Distict's website and complete permission forms for Prescribed/Non Prescribed medications        and Diet Order form. Bring these completed and signed by your physician along with the medication, to the school nurse during the first day or
          week of school.
    11. How will my child see the school nurse if needed?  
          Students may report to the school nurse with permission from a classroom teacher. All medication (including Tylenol, aspirin, cold medicine,           
          prescription and over-the-counter medications) taken at school, should be signed over to the school nurse by a parent/guardian. IMPORTANT
          MEDICATION POLICY UPDATE for 2023-2024 school year: A written order from a physician will now be required for ANY PRESCRIPTION
          DRUG that is to be administered at school. The revised medication forms will be on the school and district websites. Please understand that
          prescription medication cannot be given at school without a doctor’s order. Please call the school nurse with any questions regarding the policy
    12. How much are school meals?  
          School meals are FREE to all students for the 2023-2024 school year. 
    13. If a violation of the behavior code occurs, what methods are used to address the behavior?
          York Road Elementary will use a proactive approach to behavior issues. Incentives are provided for good behavior. However, should an
           incident occur, there are interventions that may be used. These interventions include: verbal warning, notes home, parental contact via
           telephone and/or email, parent/student/and/or team conferences, out-of-school suspension, and a visit and/or placement at Rebound.
    14. May I visit my child’s school? 
          Parents are welcome to visit York Road. We ask that you follow these guidelines:  
          1) All visitors sign-in at the main office with a valid Driver's License.
          2) Keep the visit short (30 minute maximum) and do not interrupt classroom instruction.
          3) Conferences may be setup through the Classroom Teacher, School Counselor or Assistant Principal. 
    15. How can I get involved with my child’s school?  
          Involvement in your child’s education and school may involve:
          a. Open lines of communication with teachers and administrators via phone, email, and notes
          b. Join the School Improvement Council or Parent Teacher Association
          c. Sign-up to be a volunteer with the school by completing the online volunteer application on the district website.
    16. What are the general supplies that are needed for school?  
          Please refer to the district supply list. Teachers may also request other materials.  
    17. When is the first day of school?  
          August 15, 2023
    18. How will I stay informed about what’s going on?  
          Every teacher should be sending home weekly communication through some form. Parents should check their student's bag for     
          Communication Folders that come home every Wednesday for weekly information and updates. York Road has a variety of electronic ways to
          stay in touch. We send out regular email updates, so we need your email address! Also, additional information is provided through the school’s
          Facebook account and PTA pages.  You will also receive telephone calls through the automated calling system which will inform you of
          important dates, events, and happenings around York Road Elementary.