• Rock Hill Schools offers healthy meals every school day and menus are available on the district website here. 

    Meal Prices 
    Regular Price                             Reduced Price 
    Breakfast         $1.00                 .30 
    Lunch              $2.10                 .40 
    Adult Lunch      $3.25

    If you have more than one child per school you may send one check or cash payment for all children in the same school to use. Cash, checks or online payment (see below) can be used for pre-payment of lunches. There will be a $10.00 service fee on all returned checks. Your child’s teacher will let him or her know how lunch money is taken to the cafeteria. Checks can be made out to the Rock Hill School District. 

    AUTOPAY Online Meal Payment Plan 
    The office of School Food Service and Nutrition is excited to introduce a program that will offer parents a convenient and simple method of paying for their child’s meals. Parents have the opportunity to deposit funds into an online account automatically to pay for their child’s lunch, breakfast and extra sales throughout the month. Ms. Shuler, the cafeteria manager, will be able to give you your child's student identification number that will be needed to sign up for this autopay system. Parents can access this program at K12 Payment Center to prepay for meals. 

    IOU/Snack Policy 
    Our policy to provide a snack to students who have exceeded the three meal IOU allowance will continue this year. Cafeteria managers will provide students with a snack consisting of fruit (applesauce or peaches) and graham crackers. No debts will be allowed the last two weeks of school. 

    To apply for free or reduced price meals: 
    - Complete the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application (available in the office) or online here.
    - You need to complete only one application for all children in the same household regardless of the school they attend within the Rock Hill School District. 
    - All students on the application will be processed at the same time, thus eliminating possible delays for siblings. 
    - Failure to return the application on time could result in a change of your child’ eligibility for free or reduced lunch. 
    - Any debts incurred by the student during this period will be the parent’s responsibility.