• Is he/she well enough to send to school? 

    See these links from the SCDHEC.gov website:

    Ebinport's School Nurse is Rhonda Cranford and our Guidance Counselor is Lou Ellen Holliday

    If you have any questions for the School Nurse, her email address is rcranfor@rhmail.org and the Guidance Counselor is lcbarksdale@rhmail.org

    If your child needs to have medications stored at the school because of medical conditions such as allergies or others, the school must have a signed form from your child's doctor.    Call the school nurse to get these forms at 981-1564 or come by the school office and ask for them.

    Some additional resources for families can be found here:

    Oakland Baptist - provides clothing for families with voucher - 329-2428
    Toys for Happiness - provides Christmas assistance (Must sign up in October) - 981-1557
    Steppin High - provides new shoes for children in need - School Counselor is contact
    Salvation Army - assists families with food and housing needs - 324-5141