• Rock Hill Adult Education 

    Frequently asked Questions (FAQ”s):


    What does the acronym GED mean?

      1. General Educational Development
      2. Receiving passing scores (145 or above) on each of the four exams (Math, Science, Reading/Writing, and Social Studies is considered by employers and colleges as equivalent to the high school diploma.

    What do I need to know before enrolling?

      1. Must be 17 years of age or above, a resident of South Carolina with valid SC identification to be considered for enrollment.
      2. 17 year old high school students must have an application document signed by their parents, the high school principal, and Rock Hill Director of Student Services prior to enrollment.
      3. Call 803-981-1375 to arrange registration and schedule pre-testing sessions. 
      4. Cost:  During the pandemic period, cost is capped at $20 for registration and paid at the time of registration. 
        1. Other fees associated with testing may be waived or reduced based on attendance and academic performance. 

    When are GED diploma classes scheduled?

    1. The adult education program follows the Rock Hill Schools yearly calendar.
    2. 9:00 – 12:00 Monday through Thursday
    3. 4:30 – 7:30 Monday and Tuesday only

    When are English as a Second Language (ESL) classes scheduled?

      1. 9:00 – 12:00:  Monday through Thursday
      2. No evening classes scheduled due to lack of adequate demand

     Are on-line / virtual classes available?

      1. Yes…for qualifying participants and based on individual circumstances. Call the school to discuss this option.  

    What if I can’t attend classes due to lack of child care, transportation needs, or have a disability that keeps me from attending?

      1. Each of these “barriers” to attendance are considered in the “eligible for virtual classes” category.  Call the school to discuss your personal needs.

    May I take the four (4) GED exams without enrolling in the Rock Hill adult education program? Not advised…but YES


      1. To sign-up for the computerized GED using the internet go to www.ged.com and create a personal account.  (Be certain to remember your login and password, as it will be needed for each additional login.
      2. If you have never taken any portion of the GED test on computer, fill in the form under "Sign up for MyGED today."
      3. If you have taken a portion of the GED test on computer, fill in your credentials under "Already registered? Sign in"
      4. Follow the online instructions and register for sections of GED tests you need.
      5. Should you have questions about how to sign up, call 1-877-EXAM-GED (1 877 392 6433)
      6. The staff does not have access to the available slots for dates & times. You can only find out what is available by logging into www.ged.com.
      7. REMEMBER: Attending classes will significantly increase your chances of passing the four exams and earning the GED diploma.


    Advantage of enrolling in the Rock Hill Adult Ed program versus pursuing the GED diploma independently:

    1. Full access to professional guidance and instruction services
    2. We are experienced at navigating the sometimes difficult GED online process.
    3. If eligible, and most are, the student may receive scholarships to pay the cost of GED assessments (~$150 savings)
    4. Post-graduation college and career services available at no cost
    5. Employment assistance, including resume building, interview preparation, and soft skills training are available at no cost.

    How long does it take to earn the GED diploma?

      1. Two (2) tests are administered immediately upon enrollment, Reading and Math.  The higher one scores on these exams is a determining factor in how long it may take to earn the diploma.  Historically, 4-5 weeks has been the shortest amount of time.  We also have graduates who demonstrated personal commitment and perseverance, and graduated after a few years.  It depends upon the individual’s academic readiness level, and more importantly…their personal commitment.

    Where do I take my tests?

      1. All exams are scheduled and administered on site at the Adult Education location:  1501 Belleview Road, Rock Hill, SC. 29730.

    What if I had an IEP in high school?  Am I still eligible for accommodations?

      1. If you are under the age of 21 before September 1st of the year, you enroll…YES, you are still eligible for services.
      2. Request for special accommodations on the final GED exams, for individuals with an IEP, must be submitted to Pearson Vue (GED) for final approval in advance of sitting for the exam.

    How difficult is it to earn the GED diploma?

    1.    The exams are designed to be rigorous to meet the mandate for being equivalent to achieving the high school diploma.
    2. Success on the exams is dependent on the student’s focused and intentional commitment, planning, and preparation.

    There are four (4) final exams: Mathematics, English Language arts (including a 45-minute writing portion), Science, and Social Studies.  The high school equivalency diploma is awarded upon successfully passing all four with a score of 145 or greater on each exam. Exams are typically taken one test per session, with some electing to take the Science and Social Studies exams back-to-back in one session due to the shortened length of the exams. 

      Practice exams are available at the GED website

    Am I eligible to attend college with the GED diploma?

      1. Yes…95% of all colleges except the GED diploma
      2. 200 is a perfect score on GED exams.  A score of 165 or higher on either exam is considered a college-ready score, which could assist in the college admission process.

    Are the Rock Hill Adult Education teachers certified?

      1. Yes, all instructors are required to have a valid South Carolina teaching certification.

    Is staff available to assist students and graduates with employment and/or post-secondary training?

      1. Yes…a trained College and Career Counselor is available on site to provide in-class instruction, as well as individual counseling to assist participants in achieving their academic and career goals.

    I earned a Work Ready Certification by passing the WIN exam. What does that mean?

    a. The WIN Work Ready Certification is an indicator of the holder’s level of academic readiness to enter and be successful in the workforce with minimal training necessary. Achieving WIN Achievement Level 3 is an indicator of readiness for up to 60% of all jobs advertised in the O-Net online listings.  Achievement Level 4 is an indicator of readiness for 89% of all jobs.  Achievement Level 5 is an indicator of readiness in 100% of all job listings. Many employers will require candidates for employment to take the WIN assessment and score at a certificate level commensurate with the advertised job. To learn more about the benefits of earning a WIN Career Readiness Credential, review the websites. 

    Work Ready Credential | Proctored Assessments (winlearning.com)

    WRCredential_Brochure_2022 (winlearning.com)


     How do I know if I am making progress in class?

      1. Participants are tested when they enroll and again after forty hours of instruction in Math and Reading.  Scores on the forty-hour post-test are compared to those on the entrance pre-test to measure the level of progress.

    What if I need to be absent from class?

      1. We operate as if this is the workplace.  Participants “clock-in” and “clock-out”, and in non-emergency situations participants are asked to notify the school in advance of a pending absence.  This is one example of workplace training and preparation we provide.
      2. Irregular attendance is the leading cause of failure for program participants.   

    What does Beyond the GED mean?

      1. Obtaining the diploma is merely the “key” that opens many doors often closed for non-graduates.  For example, the graduate can now check the “graduated” box on the employment application.  The graduate can now register for college classes.  The graduate now qualifies for military opportunities not previously available.  The diploma alone is of little value other than to open doors…. provide opportunity.  Beyond the academics, RHAE offers instruction related to workplace preparation and college readiness, as the end goal for most graduates is employment in a high-demand / high-wage career that is personally gratifying and allows them to sustain a life of predictability and happiness for themselves and their families.
      2. RHAE has an agreement with York Technical College, whereby eligible adult education students may begin earning college credits while still working to achieve their diploma.  This program is referred to as Integrated Education & Training (IET).  Students learn about this opportunity early upon enrollment.

      If I attended classes previously, am I required to re-enroll?

      1. More than likely, the answer is Yes, especially if your absence from the program has been 90 days or more.  A new program year begins July1st of every year, and requires all enrollees, even those returning from the previous year, to re-enroll.

    If I am a former graduate, how do I get a duplicate copy of my diploma or an official copy of my transcript?

      1. To request a duplicate copy of your diploma or transcript, refer to this website: https://doesc.scriborder.com/  
      2. All diplomas and transcripts are issued by the SC Department of Education…NOT Rock Hill Adult Education or Rock Hill Schools.