• Greetings Gators,

    I appreciate everyone's patience regarding the student drop-off and pick-up at Dutchman Creek. Safe and Secure Environments ranks as the top priority for our district and school.

    We are actively working on solutions to alleviate some of the morning congestion for families that opt to drive their students to school. Here are some steps that are being taken:

    1) Whether dropping off in the main car line or the carpool lot, please keep your child in your vehicle until you receive the cue to let them out at 7:45 am. This is to help us maintain social distancing and prevent students from congregating in crowds prior to the doors of the school opening. Thank you for understanding!

    2) The B-Hall parking lot (accessible from Museum Road) is available for Drop-off. Please utilize that area as well as the Mt. Gallant main loop. You may circle through the lot, drop off your students, and exit campus back to Museum Road. Please be aware that this is also the bus entrance and exit. Take caution of our buses when you leave.

    3) We can safely utilize double lines for drop off in the main loop only if all vehicles stay in the same lane when exiting campus. Being able to use both lanes allows more vehicles to reach campus from Mt. Gallant Road. However, please use extra caution when exiting campus to the left back onto Mt. Gallant. If you are in the left lane, you will need to exit to the left back onto Mt. Gallant. If you are in the right lane, you will need to exit to the right. Since this also means that students will have to cross over traffic, we are asking that those that are in the left lane have their students to get out of the vehicles on the left side and utilize the crosswalk to cross the traffic on the right side.

    Here is a link to a demonstration video regarding the car line and the carpool lot (CAR LINE AND CARPOOL PROCEDURES). The afternoon pick-up seems to go faster and more efficiently than the morning. After the first week of school, students and families have come to understand what to do each day. We dismiss at 3:45 pm and the main loop is typically clear by 4:15 while the carpool lot is empty by 4:00 pm. I am proud that we can safely move close to 1000 students off campus inside of 30 minutes! That is a credit to YOUR cooperation and safe practices!

    Your feedback is appreciated! We grow better as a school community through quality conversation and dialogue. Please continue to help us to help you!


    Yours in service,

    Clayton B. Moton