• Welcome to the York County Middle School Athletic Conference!

    Congratulations to Last Year's 2019-20 Conference Winners!

    **20-21 Conference Winners will be updated at the completion of each season**


    2020 8th Grade Volleyball                           2020 7th Grade Volleyball

    Champions - Saluda Trail                              Champions - Clover

     st                      c


    2020 8th Grade Football                        2020 7th Grade Football

    Champions - Saluda Trail                       Champions - Saluda Trail

     st                st2

    2020 7th Grade Girls Basketball                2020 7th Grade Boys Basketball

    Champions - Clover                                     Champions - Oakridge

    asd                 or

    2020 8th Grade Girls Basketball                2020 8th Grade Boys Basketball

    Champions -  Saluda Trail                           Champions - York


    19-20 Wrestling Regular Season               19-20 Wrestling Tournament

    Champions -  Dutchman Creek                   Champions - Dutchman Creek