• Counselors will address developmental issues through classroom guidance and small group counseling. Through short term individual counseling, small group counseling, and coordination of services, counselors will also help children with challenging personal issues and crises that interfere with learning and social development. Some topics for small groups and short-term individual counseling sessions might include, but are not limited to the following: coping with fears, self concept issues, friendship problems, behavior problems, organization and study skills suggestions, family changes (separation/divorce or loss of a loved one) self control and anger management strategies. A child can ask to visit the counselor or may be referred by the teacher, principal or a parent/guardian. Our classroom guidance program is a series of developmental lessons which focus on educational/academic, personal/social and the career development domains.  The counselor visits with each class once every other week.  

    Classroom Guidance Topics

    Study Skills for Academic Success
    Goal Setting Celebration of Self
    Positive Peer Relations
    Conflict Management
    Stress Reduction/Test Preparation
    Career Awareness
    Personal Safety
    Healthy Choice Making                                                       

    Small Group and Individual Counseling

    • Coping with fears          
    • Self concept issues         
    • Friendship problems
    • Behavior problems        
    • Organization and study skills suggestions
    • Family changes (separation/divorce)            
    • Coping with grief and loss
    • Self control and anger management strategies