Our Mission Statement


    The mission of Saluda Trail Middle School, working with parents and our community, is to provide a safe environment which promotes both academic excellence and self-esteem. Our goal is for students to achieve their maximum potential and become creative thinkers who respect the world around them.




    Core Beliefs:

    • All individuals have intrinsic worth.
    • All individuals can learn.
    • Learning depends upon basic needs (physical, social, intellectual, artistic, and emotional) being met.
    • Accepting diversity and providing opportunities to learn from individual differences enrich learning.
    • Reading is the foundation for unlimited learning.
    • Adults can enable students to fulfill their potential by developing positive relationships with them.
    • Learning is promoted in an environment where taking educational risks is encouraged.
    • Parents, teachers and staff, businesses, and community members are responsible for working interdependently to ensure the welfare and education of children.
    • Schools will encourage students to become lifelong learners.
    • All students must respect each other’s right to learn.
    • Global and cultural awareness broadens a student’s perspective of himself and his world.
    • Learning to communicate is critical to an individual’s success.
    • Service for others promotes good citizenship and global respect for our environment.


    Learner Standards:

    Students will:

    • strive for excellence in communication (reading, writing, listening and speaking), math and science.
    • demonstrate an understanding of the world including knowledge of geography, history and languages.
    • demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the visual arts, performing arts, physical fitness and wellness.
    • make connections between  subject areas by participating in interdisciplinary units of study.
    • use technology effectively to access and use information.
    • utilize problem solving strategies and thinking skills to make creative and competent decisions in real life.
    • demonstrate the ability to work independently and cooperatively to solve problems. 
    • be accountable for their own learning including setting goals and evaluating progress.
    • display the self-discipline, self-control, and work ethic that will enable them to be successful as learners, workers, family members, and productive citizens in our society.
    • demonstrate respect for their own uniqueness and self-worth.
    • understand the differences and similarities of culture, race, gender, and abilities of others.
    • understand and practice democratic ideas and ideals.
    • participate in authentically engaging activities that encourage learning.
    • develop individual talents, curiosity, and creativity.

    Middle School Goals:


    • We will provide a positive school climate where opportunities for participation and success are ensured for all learners.
    • We will provide a meaningful and challenging educational experience that is distinctively different from either elementary or secondary schools and allows for a gradual and appropriate transition between the two.
    • We will provide an appropriate developmental guidance program.
    • We will provide an effective education through the curriculum, complemented with updated materials and textbooks and coordinated with state standards.
    • We will provide instruction through a mentoring system which promotes guidance, counseling and reflection.
    • We will provide interdisciplinary opportunities for academic development through a wide range of content and elective courses.

    What is STEAM:

    • It is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  STEM schools provide an integrated curriculum with a focus on inquiry, questioning and opportunities for problem solving to think like an engineer.