• AP Credit Policy Info.

    Advanced Placement® Courses

    • AP Studio Art
    • AP Language and Composition (11th grade course)
    • AP Literature
    • AP American History (11th grade course)
    • AP European History
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Computer Science


    The Advanced Placement® Program affords student the opportunity to engage in challenging and thought-provoking courses around a designated area of interest or strength for the student.  While there are a wide variety of AP course offered in the district, the AP coursework is not designed to be a connected or integrated program of study.  AP course allow students to delve deeply into the content and knowledge of a particular course.  Student mastery of the content is measured by both multiple choice and essay questions.  All AP courses, in general, emphasize strong writing and communication skills as well as critical and analytical thinking skills within the discipline.  Universities across the United States recognize Advanced Placement courses as one of the best high school preparatory programs for college coursework and may award advanced standing in those courses bases on the students’ performance on the national AP exams.  AP courses are weighed 1.0 quality points above college preparatory courses.


    What Makes AP Unique?

    • Students can choose specific AP courses around an area of strength or interest
    • Students explore a depth and breadth of knowledge within a specific content
    • Students receive their instruction from a teacher who is passionate about that subject
    • Student performance is measured by nationally standardized assessment rubrics
    • Students get to explore the content area with other similarly interested students
    • Students are exposed to college level reading, writing, and critical thinking
    • AP is well-known and strongly regarded by highly selective public and private colleges


    Who Should Take AP Courses?

    • Students who have challenged themselves in Advanced/Honors courses in grade 6-10
    • Motivated students who can learn new information quickly and apply it analytically
    • Students who have maintained at least a “B” average in the content are of the designated AP course
    • Students who are self-starters, organized, and curious about a subject
    • Students seeking advanced standing in public and private universities both in and out of state (college credit based on AP exam results and individual institutions)