The International Baccalaureate Programme is a prestigious international program that offers rigorous coursework across six major disciplines (see Rock Hill Schools curriculum

    Students may elect to pursue the IB Diploma by taking all six courses or simply pursue IB work in selected courses. The strength of the IB programme is its holistic approach to educating students, which it achieves through both challenging coursework and additional opportunities such as the Theory of Knowledge course (a critical thinking course that seeks to integrate the other six courses), the Extended Essay (a research topic of the students’ choice), and CAS Creativity, Activity and Service learning components.

    Universities throughout the world regard IB as one of the best high school preparatory programs for college coursework and may award advanced standing in those courses based on student performance on international IB exams. IB courses are weighted 1.0 quality points above college preparatory courses. Fees are associated with taking IB classes/exams.

    At Rock Hill High School, we welcome all students who want to challenge themselves. The RHHS IB faculty will work to provide the skills necessary for students to be successful in the
    IB programme. The IB Diploma Programme aligns with the Profile of a South Carolina graduate.

    For more information, contact Mr. Ian Young, IB Coordinator (803-981-1945), or contact guidance at RHHS.