• Library Programs and Special Activities

    We have a lot of different programs that take place throughout the school year:

    1.  We have two book fairs each year.  The monies earned from the book fairs are used to buy books and materials for the students and teachers.

    2.  Our Grandparent Book Club is a way to have students and grandparents connect.  The grandparents donate money to the library to buy new books.  The books are dedicated to the individual grandchildren.  Grandparents are also invited to eat lunch with their grandchildren and shop at our school book fair.

    3.  Parents donate money toward the purchase of new library books in honor of the students' birthdays.  An announcement is made on the birthday and the students comes to the library to check out the book for the first time.  A book plate is inserted into the front of the book showing the dedication and the student's birthday.

    4.  In October we decorate pumpkins like our favorite book characters.  Pictures of all of the pumpkins are uploaded to our school facebook page.

    5. All students are encouraged to read the South Carolina Children's Book Award Nominees each year. 

    6.  Fourth and Fifth graders are encouraged to take part in our District Battle of the Books.  Ten different titles must be read.  Students practice questions so they are prepared to compete against all of the other elementary schools in the spring.

    7.  Toward the end of the school year, we have a FLIP FLOP BOOK SWAP.  This is a time when students bring their old books to school and trade them for books of other students.

    8.  During the summer, students are encouraged to take part in our READ-O program.  They record their reading during the summer and turn in the sheet at the beginning of school.  Prizes are awarded according to the amount of reading done by each student.