• As part of the South Carolina Readiness Assessment Program and required by the Read to Succeed Act of 2014, all 4-year-old prekindergarten (4K) students will be assessed for early language and literacy competencies using the Individual Growth & Development Indicators (myIGDIs). This screening assessment is administered one on one with each student during the first forty-five days of the school year and during the last forty-five days of the school year.  



    myIGDIs utilizes a data-based approach to screening that has been shown to provide a new level of effectiveness in evaluating young children on their way towards becoming successful readers. The scores from myIGDIs provide us with information so that we are then able to focus on specific strategies and skills that your child needs in order to continue to make progress. Based on the results, your child’s teacher can identify areas of strength or concern and plan individual, group, or class activities based on performance and progress. 



    If you would like more information about the myIGDIs early childhood assessment, please visit the Renaissance website. https://www.renaissance.com/products/myigdis-for-preschool/ 


    You can help your child at home build a strong foundation for success. Review this resource.