• Beginning in 2017-18 the RHSD became a PBIS district. Each of our teachers develop and maintain a classroom management plan that supports the philosophy of PBIS (positive, supportive & responsive). Central’s PBIS team developed school-wide expectations during the 2016-17 school year that emphasize and focus on the following: Be Safe; Be a Good Friend; & Make Good Choices. Additional information on our school-wide expectations can be accessed on the PBIS Behavior Matrix link below. We will continue to use these rules and refine them as needed. During the 2017-18 school year, Central's PBIS team worked to develop a school referral form for school discipline/incident recording for office level referrals. We have also developed and implemented a classroom behavior incident form. In the event of misbehaving students, good parent communication and record keeping is essential. Parents will not be contacted for every little incident or minor misconduct. However, if patterns develop the teacher will contact the parent to setup a conference and/or classroom observation.


    PBIS Behavior Matrix