Service Hours FAQ

    Have questions about service hours? 

     Below are some Frequently Asked Questions by past Beta Club members.


    1. Can I count service projects that I complete over the summer?

    No.  The club service requirement of 12 hours is designed to encourage students to complete an average of 1-2 hours of service per month during the school year. 


    1. What do you mean by “type of service project?”


    The Beta club encourages students to serve their community in new ways, therefore every student is expected to participate in several different kinds of service activities.  The limit of 3 hours for each TYPE of project will encourage students to try different types of service activities.  Please email Mrs. Tucker @ bjtucker@rhmail.org  if you are unsure whether or not an activity qualifies. 


    1. Can I count church work toward my service requirement?

    Yes, we do count any church-sponsored volunteer work as long as the services are provided free of charge and open to the entire community.  We also count church sponsored disaster relief, yard/house/neighborhood cleanups, and benevolence programs that provide assistance to all.  However, activities that benefit a single church or denomination such as teaching Sunday school, Bible camps or conferences, or other outreach ministries do not count.  You may only use 1 church service hour toward your 6.


    1. I’m volunteering with a non-profit organization.  Will that work count for my Beta service requirement?

    For Beta service, the question is not profit or non-profit; it is whether the service was offered free-of-charge to the entire community.  Therefore, work for certain non-profits that charge for their services does not count as Beta sponsored service.


    1. I helped out with a fundraiser.  Will the time I spent count as Beta club service?

    It depends on how the money was used.  YES if all the money went to a charity or to benefit needy individuals. (NOT a School Fundraiser, unless it’s through Beta.)


    YES if all the money went to a service program that benefits the entire community such as Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, Race for the Cure, MS Walk, Smart Start, Humane Society, fire/police/rec departments, school PTA’s, scholarship funds that are available to all students.


    NO if the money went to just one particular church, club, or organization such as church youth fund/trip, school clubs, AAU or other sports teams, political fundraising, scholarship funds that are only available to members of a particular group, or business organization.


    1. I helped a teacher.  Will the time I spent count as Beta club service?

    NO, time spent working during the school day, before or after school WILL NOT count as Beta sponsored service. 



    1. What happens if I don’t complete my club service requirement?
    2. Students who do not meet club service requirements will have their membership terminated at the end of the school year.  However, if your membership is terminated at the end of your seventh grade year, you will be eligible to rejoin our club after the first semester if you meet all grade requirements. 


    1. How do I log my service hours?


                You will turn in your hours digitally though the link provided, and you will also turn in the service form signed by the person in charge of your volunteering.


     Types of Volunteering that WILL NOT be accepted this year


    1. Babysitting
    2. Working around a family friends, neighbor or relatives house
    3. Nothing school related unless Beta is putting it on. (IE. No decorating for events at school, setting up things for teachers, tutoring younger students, reading to underclassmen. Etc.)




    These are acceptable service hours.  If anyone is willing to help set up opportunities in any of these fields, please email me at bjtucker@rhmail.org


    1. Animal Welfare
    2. Citizenship & Civic Engagement
    3. Education or Literacy
    4. Emergency Preparedness and Response
    5. Environment
    6. Health and Wellness
    7. Hunger & Homelessness & Poverty
    8. Military & Vets
    9. Senior Citizens
    10. School Beautification





    Service form for DCMS Junior Beta Club


    Name of Organization____________________________________


    Date the volunteer hours were completed_____________________________


    Number of hour(s) served (max 3)___________________________________


    A description of what service was provided by the Beta Club Member:




    Signature of the Supervisor_________________________________________


    Parent Signature____________________________________________


    Beta Member Signature_______________________________________


    If possible, please email me a picture of you completing these hours so that we may share it in the weekly school newsletter. Wear your Beta shirt if possible.  Thank you!