• Media Center Hours:

    Our Media Center is open from 7:30 AM each morning until 3:00 PM each afternoon.

    The India Hook Elementary Media Center contains over 10,000 volumes of books, magazines, and reference materials.

    Our Services:

    The India Hook Elementary Library/Media Center will function as a semi-flexible access center.  Some flexible access to the library/media center allows students, staff, and community members an open library to use its resources and services as individuals, small groups, or whole classes.

    Semi-flexible access involves three important elements:

    access to the library/media center space 

    access to its resources

    access to its services

    What does a semi-flexible schedule mean for my child?

    A semi-flexibly scheduled library/media center means that your child will be able to come to the media center at any time of day with his/her teacher's permission to check out books, research, or use the library computer stations, as well as having a fixed media center time once every two weeks.  A semi-flexibly scheduled media center also means that your child teacher's can sign up to bring his/her class at any point during the year.  This type of schedule gives classes the freedom to use the media center and its services at their greatest point of need instead of having to wait for a scheduled block of time every other week.

    What types of things will my child be doing in the Media Center?

    Classes will visit the media center for many different activities this year!  Classes will visit for read alouds and checkout time.  Classes will come for integrated lessons that will tie-in to the state and district curriculum that is being covered in the classroom.  The media specialist and classroom teachers will plan these lessons together.  Students will also learn many information skills, such as locating books in the library, learning about different genres of literature, research skills, and internet search strategies.  Our library program is designed to guide the students in their learning and information seeking and processing skills.