All girls interested in cheering for the DCMS Cheerleading team must be a rising 7th or 8th grader.  Students interested in Cheer need to ensure they have an updated physical (filled out by physican and uploaded to the ArbiterAthlete webpage) prior to tryouts.  The link to the physical form and Arbiter Athlete are listed below. 

    Physical Form

    Planet HS

    During formal try-outs :)

    • Students will participate in an interview process. 
    • Students will be placed in small groups to perform a routine and cheer/chant. 
    • Evaluations include but are not limited to: cheer, jumps, dance, tumbling, presentation, motions, technique, form, and coordination. 
    • Everyone must have a valid physical on file via Planet HS to participate.


    **Please click HERE for the cheerleading tryout packet.  Everyone must have a valid physical on file via Planet HS to participate.**


     Tryout Information for 2019-20 School Year

    Try-outs are CLOSED to parent/guardian(s).  Students will not be allowed to have cellphones during try-outs; therefore, the girls need to arrange proper transportation prior to the time/date of try-outs.  

    Practice for cheerleading tryouts will be April 30th and May 1st 2019 from 4:00-6:00pm, the formal tryout is May 2nd from 4PM-6PM.

    In order to be considered for the cheer team, all students must be present to all try-out practices (unless eliminated in first round of cuts). For those students who have prior engagements, (prepared by parent/guardian) accommodations may be made as long as parent communicates information to coach prior to try-out dates. 




    ALL try-out material has been uploaded below.  Please use this information to prepare for initial try-out practice dates and the formal try-out date. We will review dance, cheer/chant during try-out practices.  Please note: There will be two (2) rounds of cuts; (1) during practice try-out dates and (1) during formal try-outs.   


    Dance: Dance will be taught first two days of try-outs.

    Note: Words to original cheer will be changed due to school & color. 

    *Both cheers are located on the same link.* 


    Cheer 1: Everybody Yell Go Big Green!

    (time mark: 6:19) 

    -Words to cheer: 3X

    GO! Big Green, c'mon!

    Go! Big Green, let's hear it!

    Go, Big Green!

    Everybody yell, Go! Big! Green! 

    Cheer 2: Gators, Gators, Stand UP, Get LOUD

    (time mark: 7:06)

    -Words to cheer: 3X

    Gators! Gators! Stand UP, Get LOUD!



    • Stretch, and work on motions and jumps EVERYDAY.
    • Work on cardiovascular health by running at least 3-4 days per week (30 minutes min. per workout).
    • Strengthen muscle groups by doing abdominal exercises, push-ups, leg lifts, wall-sits, lunges, etc.  Having a strong core is the key to athletic success.
    • You may also want to work with a current DCMS cheerleader or with others who are trying out to perfect skills.
    • HAVE FUN!!!!!! 




    *Everyone must have a valid physical on file via Planet HS to participate.*  

    If there are any concerns with the information provided, please contact Ms. Baskin (Coach B) by email or phone: 803.985.1717.