• Box Tops Monthly Contest

    Turn in Box Tops and WIN A PRIZE!

    This year we will run a monthly Box Tops contest! The first will begin now and run through Wednesday, October 31. The winner will be announced on October 29th.  

    Our Goals

    • To raise $5000 in free money for our kids.
    • 100% participation – even if it’s just one coupon!

    If each student brought in 100 Box Tops that would mean over $5000 for Old Pointe’s amazing kids and teachers!

    What to clip and save

    Clip, save and submit all unexpired Box Tops for Education certificates and bonus certificates.  Each month, the class that earns the highest number of Box Tops points will be our winner. Monthly class winners will receive a prize along with the Box Tops trophy!

    How to submit your Box Tops

    1. Place the collected box tops on the collection sheet (each sheet holds 25).
    2. If at the end of the month, you do not yet have 25 box tops, you can still turn them in-just put them in a ziploc bag and write the number of boxtops included on the bag
    3. Bonus Certificates should be turned in using a separate ziploc bag
    4. Bring all collection sheets and ziploc bags to your teacher.

    If you have any questions or are willing to help volunteer please contact Amy Helms at helmsmom22@gmail.com.

    Collection Dates

    October 26, 2018                    March 29, 2019

    November 30, 208                  April 30, 2019

    January 31, 2019                    May 31, 2019

    February 28, 2019


    If you would like to go above and beyond, we encourage you to download the Box Tops app and log into www.btfe.com to sign up for an account! There you will find extra sweepstakes you can enter to earn more for our school! The current sweepstakes is pictured to the right. It would be awesome for our school to win!! You know the teachers would LOVE those pens!

     Box Top Collection Sheet

    Thank you for supporting our school, teachers and children!