Remote Learning Resources


    Creativity and imagination unite in the art room at Old Pointe as we explore hands-on learning in making projects with all sorts of materials from basics like crayons and clay to the unusual like random fun donations that our community so generously shares with us.  We seek out inspirations whether that be other artists, children’s books, or links to classroom learning to expand our own imaginations.  Adventure awaits in the Old Pointe Art Room.



    This year our technology program is taking a different approach by incorporating STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math. By incorporating STEM into our technology program our friends are strengthening their critical thinking, design, and creative thinking skills through problem solving and building. In class our friends will be learning about different kinds of technology, coding, and real life problems that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition to this, traditional technology lessons will be used such as typing games, math games, and coding games to strengthen their technology skills and vocabulary. 



    In physical education class we strive to teach children how to and want to be physically active. Each day in class we do daily exercises to establish physical routines, a health lesson to stimulate the children on how to think healthy and a physical education lesson to expose the children to as many different physical activities that would stimulate interest in growing into their adult lifestyles. This is to promote a positive self worth and an overall better quality of living. 



    The music program at Old Pointe is a very unique program that involves learning how to speak the language of music first, then how to speak it on varieties of instruments. Students will have the opportunity to learn skills on mallet instruments, drum set, African drumming, ukulele, guitar, piano, recorder, music making on mobile devices, as well as many other classroom instruments used frequently. Activities and lessons include a fun interactive curriculum that introduces students to the world of music. Students have various opportunities, projects, and programs to perform throughout the school year for different events. Music is a place for students to come to and experience new abilities they might not know they had. In this music classroom every student can learn to play a new instrument and make great sounds with others.