Our Background

  • Our school’s name was chosen due to the historical significance of the Old Pointe depot and Old Pointe post office that existed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Our school is built on the outskirts of what was known as Ebenezerville. Ebenezerville was the first settlement in the Rock Hill area. The village of Ebenezerville grew up around the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church which was established in 1785 and was originally known as Indian Land Church.  One of the first schools in the Rock Hill area was the Ebenezer Academy, which was located near the church.

    In the 1840’s Ebenezerville has been described as a village of strict morality, warm hospitality, and classical learning. In 1846 plans were made to build the Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad and it was proposed that the railroad run through the Ebenezerville community. The citizens protested because they did not want the railroad to disturb their quiet community. They were afraid that the noise would frighten their livestock, that the soot would dirty their community and that the lives of their children would be endangered by the passing trains. Consequently, the tracks were laid a few miles east of Ebenezerville in the area that became Rock Hill.

    After Reconstruction, Rock Hill grew and Ebenezer declined, remaining a small village along Ebenezer Road. By 1888 the hostile attitude toward railroads had changed and the people of Ebenezerville allowed the "Three C’s Railroad" (Charleston, Cincinnati, and Chicago) to pass through their village. The railroad station was called Old Pointe. In 1890 a post office was established there with that name, it closed in 1911. The "Three C’s Railroad" tracks still exist adjacent to our school site on the opposite side of Heckle Boulevard. Old Pointe is a name that is associated with important historical events in our community.

  • Old Pointe Depot

    Old Pointe Elementary