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Summer Hours in Effect: Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-5:30 pm


  • The Flexible Learning Center houses three schools: Phoenix Academy, Renaissance Academy, and Raven Academy and also houses Adult Education. 

    Alternative does not mean bad.

    We recognize that not all paths are the same. At the Flexible Learning Center, we provide a pathway to earning school credits that is different from the traditional school model. 

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Reserve a Room @ The Flexible Learning Center

  • Does Your Group Need a Space in Which to Meet?

    Come to the Flexible Learning Center! 

    Room Reservation Procedures For The Flexible Learning Center

    The Flexible Learning Center is a former middle school which now houses all the District’s Alternative (non-traditional) programs, as well as a few other programs. The building is also used as a meeting & training facility. If you or your group would like to reserve one of our available spaces, and you are a school district group, you first call the room reservation number (803-981-1918) to see if the space is available on the date you seek. Please also complete the form HERE and submit. 


    If your group or activity is not a school district-sponsored group, there may be a fee to use the space. In this instance, you would need to contact Glenette Neal at 803-981-1151.


    We look forward to helping your group have a successful meeting! 

Network Hours Opportunities

  • Why do I have to do network hours?

    Posted by Walter Wolff on 6/8/2016

    Why are we required to earn network hours? 

    Students enrolled in each of our three programs, Phoenix Academy, Rebound, and Renaissance Academy, are required to earn network hours. These hours enable students with the opportunity to serve others and help improve the community in which they live. Numerous network hours opportunities are available to students; all they have to do is check the bulletin board on the C hall or ask a teacher or counselor. 

    Giving back is not only good for the community and for those in need, but it is also good for the student. By volunteering or donating products to non-profits, students are able to learn more about themselves. Spending time in a non-profit situation may help students realize a career path as well as help hone skills or talents. This opportunity can also help students in terms of college acceptance--it looks good on an application! 

    For more information, please visit Volunteering: How Helping Others Helps You

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