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    We serve the students of Rock Hill School District. Aspire Academy is for high school students.  Within Aspire, there are five distinct categories.  They are Personalized Learning Support, Behavioral Support, On-Track, Fast-Track and Twilight.  Each category has a specific goal in mind and students will progress through in the appropriate category based on their individual needs.

    Aspire supports 3 high schools.  Students may be referred to Aspire through an application process from an administrator at a high school.  They may also be referred through a district expulsion process.  Our focus is not only on academics but also on helping students make positive choices behaviorally and socially.  After students successfully complete the necessary requirements, they may transition back to their home schools. 


  • Our Mission

    The mission of Aspire Academy is to support the schools of Rock Hill School District.  This will be accomplished through three goals.

    • Goal 1:  Students will demonstrate cumulative growth on SC Ready, Math, English, and Biology EOC exams annually with a minimum growth of 3% each year.
    • Goal 2: Annual daily attendance will increase to 80% by utilizing district resources such as home school coordinators and creation of an attendance task-force/plan. Student attendance will increase by 10% annually.
    • Goal 3: ASPIRE Academy will contribute to Rock Hill Schools high school graduation rate by ensuring 80% of students enrolled in the ASPIRE Academy on-track program will have an on-time graduation. 80% of the students enrolled in the ASPIRE Academy program will obtain credit for all courses they are enrolled in for each semester.


    Our Vision

    The vision of this program is to educate and help the whole child.  Both academic and social development are imperative to helping students progress. 


  • Enrollment/Application Information

    The school district hearing officer or an administrator from your child’s school will refer him/her to Aspire through an application process.  Upon acceptance, students and parents will be notified. 

    • The first step is to attend an orientation/intake meeting. 
    • In this meeting, students will gain information about their new schedule, expectations of behavior and attendance. 
    • After this meeting is complete, students will be notified when they will begin classes.  Often, this may be the same day as the orientation. 
    • Students will have their classes listed in Edmentum and may begin completing assignments.


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  • 2022-2023 School Year Important Testing Dates*

    MAY 3 & 4----------------------- SC-EOC ENGLISH 2 WRITING EXAM  

    MAY 9 & 10--------------------- SC-EOC ENGLISH 2 READING EXAM  

    MAY 10 & 11------------------- SC-EOC USHC EXAM