• Welcome to the Flexible Learning Center.

    There are several programs housed within these walls that serve students and members of the Rock Hill community.

    Programs include

    1.Phoenix Academy: serving all three high schools in Rock Hill, the Phoenix Academy welcomes students who enjoy working in a self-paced and mastery-based learning environment. Enrollment is application-based and there is an intake process. We offer classes to full time students as well as to evening students enrolled full time at one of the high schools. Our students come here to earn credits and work their way toward graduation. The reasons are varied, from transferring into the district and losing credits to simply trying to graduate early. Courses are offered in all core academic subjects and we also offer several elective courses. Classes are small in size; students receive 1:1 assistance from teachers. At the Phoenix Academy, we consider our program a family and nurture each student so as to help her or him to achieve goals. If you are interested in attending Phoenix Academy, please contact your counselor for an application. 


    2. Raven Academy: Raven serves the middle schools in Rock Hill. Students are referred to Raven Academy due to issues at their school. They attend Raven for a specified amount of time in order to learn better social and academic skills. 


    3. Renaissance Academy: The Renaissance Academy serves students who have been released from their home high school based on discipline issues. They are referred to Renaissance by the school district and undergo an intake process. There are high expectations at Renaissance, and maintaining discipline is at the top. 


    Adult & Community Education: the primary provider of adult education classes in York County. Over 1000 students enroll in RHSACE programs every year at several different locations during the day and evening.  As the largest adult education program in York County, we offer a variety of programs that provide educational opportunities in basic education, computer skills training, literacy, citizenship, and personal enrichment at sites throughout our district. RHSACE is committed to serving the life-long learning needs of the adults of our diverse community. We invite you to Make Rock Hill School’s ACE Your Place! Their website may be accessed by clicking HERE