At Mount Holly Elementary School each morning we recite The Model Mustang Way Pledge. In an effort to create a positive school culture and climate, our school leadership team decided to acknowledge students and staff during the school year that are MODEL MUSTANGS and really living out the school pledge. Each grade level collaborates to select one student per grade. One grade level group is assigned a date to select the Model Mustang Staff Member. Each Model Mustang receives a certificate and their picture is displayed on the Model Mustang Bulletin Board. In addition, the staff member selected receives a gift card.


    As a Model Mustang, 

    I will respond to others politely using 

    "yes, no, please and thank you."

    I will keep my eyes on the speaker at all times.

    I will respect the opinions of others.

    I will use appropriate body language at all times.

    I accept that I will make mistakes but learn from them and move on,

    I will be a Model Mustang.