• Library Links

    Everyone should know how to access these library resources!

    Destiny Discover (Links to an external site.) - this is a direct link to the Castle Heights Media Center library catalog.

    KDL What's Next Database (Links to an external site.) - awesome tool to determine the order of books in a series from the Kent District Library.

    York County Library (Links to an external site.) - a wonderful community resource for finding great books and fun events.


    Read-Alikes: Use these resources to find more books that are like those that you have already enjoyed!

    Scholastic Book Wizard (Links to an external site.) - search by title, author, or keyword to find other books you may enjoy

    What Should I Read Next? (Links to an external site.) - enter a title or author to get book suggestions and recommendations

    Goodreads Listopia (Links to an external site.) - lots of read-alike lists created by other readers

    YALSA (Links to an external site.) - top book lists in different categories for young adults from the American Library Association


    Book Reviews: Get opinions about books from other readers, so that you can make a more educated decision regarding what to read next.

    Litpick (Links to an external site.) - book reviews from students just like you!

    Amazon (Links to an external site.) - relatively accurate book ratings, as well as opinions from tons of other readers

    Common Sense Media (Links to an external site.) - provides age recommendations & guidance on topics that may be of concern to parents


    Book Trailers: Use these sites to sample books and determine what interests you. 

    Scholastic Book Trailers (Links to an external site.) - click on "MS Videos" to view middle school titles featured at Scholastic Book Fairs

    Scoop.it Book Trailers for Middle School (Links to an external site.) - Timothy Thomas has compiled a great collection of videos and descriptions

    (TIP: Click on the icon that looks like a flashlight in the top right corner to search.) 

    Penguin Middle School (Links to an external site.) - watch YouTube videos of featured Penguin titles, as well as clips from best-selling authors

    Bellevue Techies: Middle School Book Trailers (Links to an external site.) - view videos of popular titles on a public school system's YouTube playlist 


    Research Databases: The following are online sources of information that you can trust.

    Discus (Links to an external site.) -  general information provided by the Institute of Museum & Library Services and the SC State Library

    Knowitall (Links to an external site.) - general information provided by ETV

    StudySC (Links to an external site.) - information about the state of South Carolina


    Primary Sources: These are trusted databases that you can use if you need primary sources for a project like National History Day.

    Docs Teach (Links to an external site.) - choose from thousands of documents from the National Archives

    Digital Public Library of America (Links to an external site.) - online materials explore topics in history, literature, and culture 

    New York Public Library (Links to an external site.) - a living database featuring prints, photos, maps, manuscripts, videos, and more

    Calisphere (Links to an external site.) - a gateway to digital collections from California's libraries, archives, and museums

    American Memory (The Library of Congress) (Links to an external site.) - digital materials that chronicle American events, people, places, & ideas


    Citation Tools: These are tools that with help you cite sources and create bibliographies or works cited pages using the MLA format.

    EasyBib (Links to an external site.) - very user-friendly and appropriate for those new to writing citations

    Citation Machine (Links to an external site.) - very similar format to EasyBib, but works best if you want to do all of your sources at the same time

    Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) - authoritative resource that is useful for those wanting advanced citation help or those with unusual sources


    Tutorials: These interactive resources will help you with important skills related to academics and digital literacy. 

    GCF Learn Free (Links to an external site.) - great way to learn more about technology applications like Microsoft Office products

    Typing Club (Links to an external site.) - learn the proper way to type without looking at the keyboard

    How Not to Plagiarize (Links to an external site.) - learn how to cite sources, as well as other research tips, from Vaughan Memorial Library

    Mango Languages (Links to an external site.) - choose from over 70 world languages to learn, including Spanish & English 

    Brainfuse (Links to an external site.) - this online tutoring service gives you access to homework help with live tutors from 2 - 11 pm 

    * To have free access to Mango Languages and Brainfuse, you must have a York County Library Card, which is also free!


    Rock Hill Resources: Locate information about our school(s) and community.

    Rock Hill School District (Links to an external site.) - check out what is going on in our community schools

    Herald Online (Links to an external site.) - stay up-to-date with local news stories and information