•  Listed below are the most often asked questions about our programs, Phoenix Academy, Raven, and Renaissance.

    This document may change often as more questions are posed/answered. If you have other questions, please contact the office at 981-1975.


    Phoenix Academy (grades 9-12)

    • How do students get in to Phoenix? Students need to contact their guidance counselor and discuss the opportunities at Phoenix Academy; he or she should give you an application to complete with recommendations for courses.
    • Can students pick up their student issued laptop at Phoenix? No. Student laptops must be picked up at their home high school.
    • Can cellphones be used at Phoenix? No. Students are not permitted to use phones in classrooms or halls.
    • Is there a uniform at Phoenix? No. Students must follow their home high school’s code of dress as stated in their high school’s handbook.
    • Do students need a vehicle hang tag if they drive to Phoenix? No
    • Is a student ID required at Phoenix? Yes. Student ID must always be worn. Obtain your ID from your home school.
    • Does Phoenix follow the same calendar as the entire school district? Yes.
    • Is transportation provided to Phoenix? Yes. Buses run from each high school to Phoenix to drop off students for 9:00 classes. Buses run at 3:10 to take students back to their home high schools. Buses run from each high school at the end of the school day to transport students to Phoenix academy for 4:15 classes. No buses run at 6:00 to take students home.
    • What are the hours at Phoenix? Classes are scheduled between 9:00 and 3:10 and from 4:15 to 6:00.
    • Do all students attend full-time? No. There are students who attend full-time but others attend on a part-time basis.
    • Who can attend Phoenix? All students who attend Phoenix must be enrolled in one of the 3 high schools in Rock Hill School district and must have a semester of good standings at their home high school.
    • If I am a full-time student at Phoenix can I still participate in sports and clubs at the high school? Full-time students have all the rights and privileges as extended to all the students at their high school. Students may play sports, be active in clubs, and may attend prom. Please note that students must comply with all expectations, as outlined in their high schools’ handbooks, to be eligible to participate in any of the above mentioned activities.
    • Can full-time Phoenix students still participate in graduation with their home high schools? Yes, as long as all requirements have been fulfilled as stated by SC law and their high school.
    • Is Phoenix an Alternative Program? Yes. We provide an alternative to the traditional high school in that students work independently and online to complete course work.
    • Are the students able to receive one on one instruction time at PA? Yes. Students work independently and have flexible scheduling. Teachers often work 1:1 or in small groups with students.
    • Is Phoenix Academy for “bad kids”? No. Phoenix is for students who want to get ahead, want to catch up, or prefer not to study in a traditional environment.
    • Is everything done online? The majority of work is completed using the learning program GradPoint. Teachers do have supplemental activities/assessments, as well.
    • Am I able to work at home instead of at PA? Am I required to be in class? The more you work on your own time (wherever you have internet), the faster you will complete a course. You must, however, be present in class as that is a requirement. Tests must be taken in person at the school.


    Raven (grades 6-8)

    • What is the dress code for Rebound? Students should wear the standard dress code for their home school.
    • When do Rebound students attend school? Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 8:30-4:15 at Rebound.
    • Do Rebound students follow the district calendar for holidays and such? Yes.

    Renaissance Academy (grades 9-12)

    • Are student placed in Renaissance Academy? No. Students must apply, correctly fill out an application, interview, and be accepted before being allowed to attend Renaissance Academy.
    • Where can I get an application? On the Renaissance Academy website, from the hearing officer, at the Flexible Learning Center main office, and Student Services at the District Office.