• Thank you for all the hard work that went into our 2018 graduation celebration: Ms. Hood, Ms. Cochran, Ms. O'Neal, Dr. Watson, Ms. Barnwell, Mr. Worrill, Ms. Jordan, Ms. Smith, Ms. East, Ms. Jones, Ms. Robinson, Mr. Witherspoon, Dr. Barber, Ms. Groves, our custodial staff, food services, D'Asha Robinson, Darrens Louis, Marley Dockery, Alex Castro, and Dr. Wolff. The biggest thanks goes out to OUR STUDENTS!! Congratulations! 


    Ms. Hood, who always has a smile and advice for our students. 


    Ms. East, for being on top of the recycling initiative at the Flex Center


    Ms. Cochran, who has taken care of student schedules and keeps things going smoothly


    Ms. Reed, who walks more miles than anyone in a single day!