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Budget Approved

On Thursday, June 27, the Rock Hill Schools Board of Trustees moved to approve the administration’s proposed 2024-2025 General Fund Budget.

The proposed budget offered changes for the district at no additional cost for the taxpayers as the district did not ask to raise millage.

Changes to the 2024-2025 Budget:

  • Beginning teacher salary $52,000 and increase scale to 28 years
  • Average teacher salary increase $8,259
  • One year of experience step for teachers
  • Bus driver salary increase of 2.25 percent on the state portion
  • New supplement for girls wrestling and flag football
  • Decrease all salary scales (except teachers) to 25 years
  • Freeze sick leave payout for days over 90
  • 57.6 ESSER positions (utilized vacancies to absorb half)
  • One position for district athletics/homebound
  • Employer health insurance increase of 11.8 percent
  • 5 percent reduction in department budgets
  • Property insurance and workers’ compensation increase
  • School resource officers and security officers increase