• Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is OPEN.

    Rock Hill Schools offers a limited 4K, pre-kindergarten program. 

    (If you are new to the district and wish to register for Kindergarten use the New Student Enrollment option or click here.)

    Children must be age 4 on or by Sept. 1 and reside in York County District 3 to attend classes for four-year-olds.

    Register as a new 4K student for 2023-2024: https://rockhill-registration.hosted.src-solutions.com/login 

  • Available 4K Programs

    1. Child Early Reading Development and Education Program (CERDEP) Full Day 4K Programming
      Rock Hill Schools currently offers full day CERDEP 4K programming at several of our elementary schools and at Central Child Development Center. For a student to participate in the CERDEP program, he or she must be four years of age on or before September 1st of the current year reside in the Rock Hill School District, and meet the at-risk criteria eligibility for enrollment (For purposes of this programming, at-risk is defined as “annual family income of 185 percent or less of the federal poverty guidelines as promulgated annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or Medicaid eligible”). *Proof of Income Eligibility is required. Acceptable forms of income verification may include current pay stubs, tax returns, W-2 forms, or a copy of the child’s Medicaid card.

      Current CERDEP Elementary Schools include the following: Ebenezer Ave.; Ebinport; Independence; Lesslie; Mt. Holly; Northside; Oakdale; Richmond Dr.; Sunset Pk.; and York Rd. *Central Child Development Center serves all CERDEP eligible students in the RHSD.

      Students will also be screened and parents notified in June-July if their child qualifies for CERDEP programming. Once the elementary school CERDEP programs are full, applications will be forwarded to the Central Child Development Center to identify eligible students for its programming.  Parents may apply online as soon as the application window opens.

    2. Half Day 4K Programming
      Rock Hill Schools also offers a half day 4K program at the Applied Technology Center. The program at the Applied Technology Center operates on two half day schedules. The AM Session runs from 7:30am – 10am and the PM Session operates from 11:30am – 2pm.  Anyone within Rock Hill Schools is eligible to apply to attend as long as their child is four years of age on or before September 1st of the school year and resides within the Rock Hill School District. All students will be screened prior to acceptance in the program. Parents will be notified between June-July if their child qualifies to attend the program. Enrollment is limited. Parents may apply online as soon as the application process is opened.

      Applications for our full day non-tuition program at our CERDEP schools and our half day program at the ATC will be processed at Central.  If you are applying for one of these, please enter the information as seen below:
      registration form image

    3. Tuition-Based Programs
      Rock Hill Schools has one tuition-based, full-day, pre-kindergarten program. Tuition is $5250.00 for the school year with a $100.00 learning fee due upon acceptance into the program. Payments can be made in ten monthly drafts, two “semester” payments, or a single lump sum payment. This program is offered at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School – Traditional - Montessori - Inquiry.

      The Montessori program
      at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary is a School of Choice tuition-based preK full-day program for students 3 and 4 years of age.  Students accepted into the Montessori program as part of School of Choice must register online.  Students must be 3 years of age or 4 years of age before Sept. 1 of the school year they wish to participate in the choice offering and reside within the Rock Hill School District.

      You can register your 4K student(s) here: https://rockhill-registration.hosted.src-solutions.com/login

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