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Code Craft(ers): Inspiring Girls in STEM with Duke University

Unlocking the potential of young minds, Duke University recently spearheaded a transformative workshop at Castle Heights Middle School, igniting a passion for tech among girls in the community. The event was led by Sandra Roach, Associate in Research at Duke University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, in partnership with the National Science Foundation Athena AI Institute to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world tech applications.

The "Code Craft(ers)" workshop immersed students in coding, gaming, and technology. Guided by experienced instructors, participants explored coding blocks, sensors, and game design, creating their projects to take home.

This initiative, part of a broader partnership with The Whitaker Group and Rock Hill Schools, is dedicated to empowering girls in STEM.

To see the coding in action and join us in shaping the future of tech, watch the video below.