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RHS Teacher Cadets

With the end of the school year approaching, the Teacher Cadet program at Rock Hill Schools is wrapping up. Current high school students reflect on their experience being a teacher cadet…  


Julie S., Rock Hill High School student, is grateful for the field experience being a teacher cadet has provided her. Her goal is to work in healthcare but because of her experience with teacher cadets, she would now like to work in pediatrics.


Jordan T., Rock Hill High School student, has gained a new level of respect for teachers after his experience with teacher cadets. He witnessed first-hand what teachers go through every day and how they feel, which sometimes can be stressful. He realizes the importance of teachers remaining positive for their students despite anything else that is going on.


James M., Rock Hill High School student, is planning to enter the coaching field as a career path and he decided to become a teacher cadet to help achieve that life plan. He learned how to respond to people and how to educate people which in return will make him a better coach.


Brandon W., Rock Hill High School student, can’t wait to become a teacher and it’s all due to being a teacher cadet. Before this experience, he had no desire or thoughts to become a teacher. Becoming a teacher cadet opened his eyes to teaching as a wonderful career choice. “With teaching, I can make a positive impact,” said Brandon.


Cambria R., Northwestern High School student, believes teacher cadets provides a solid foundation of learning to teach. With career aspirations of becoming a teacher, the course was able to give a glimpse of classroom life and give the head start to be successful in this career path.



Alecia S., Northwestern High School student, accredits this experience in helping with her public speaking skills. As a teacher cadet, she had to do a lot of presentations in front of the class. It was a great learning experience for her to gain that confidence when presenting in front of a large group.



Dawson T., Northwestern High School student, had his mother recommend this course to him because she didn’t think she was going to be a teacher. She had someone who inspired her to become a teacher which is not a path that she initially wanted to be on. His mother wanted Dawson to have the same experience to see if this would inspire him to be a teacher.



Jacob A., Northwestern High School student, realized a year ago he wanted to become a teacher. He is very eager to learn what he doesn’t know and learn how to adapt different teaching styles to different students.



Maddi M., South Pointe High School student, participated in teacher cadets to learn the skills of what it is like to be in the teacher’s shoes. She learned teachers can impact a student’s life even outside the classroom. She saw teachers teach kids life lessons and help shape them into good people.



Joshua J., South Pointe High School student, felt being a teacher cadet was a way for him to impact his own community. He wanted to help kids; but in the process also learned about team-building, communication, and problem-solving.



Christian D., South Pointe High School student, has wonderful memories from the teacher cadet program. His favorite memory was on the last day when the students made cards for him (unprompted from their teacher!). The kids wrote amazing messages and he will remember that for the rest of his life.