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Adventures at KinderCamp!

This week was KinderCamp for incoming kindergarten students! All elementary schools participated and welcomed the new kindergarten students to their schools. In total, we had 317 registered KinderCampers. Teachers, staff, and principals were there to lead the campers on their new adventure.


The theme for the KinderCamp was “Kindergarten is an Adventure” and students were little explorers ready to explore their school before the first official ring of the bell for the upcoming school year.  In addition to exploring kindergarten classrooms, the KinderCampers ventured around the school learning various locations of the building. With binoculars in tow, they “discovered” the cafeteria, library, music room, and art room. Buses even came to all school sites, so the KinderCampers could “explore” what the bus would be like as well.


“KinderCamp was specifically designed by a team of Rock Hill Schools educators to ease the transition for children and their families entering Kindergarten this fall,” said Dr. Katie Barber, Executive Director of Elementary Education. “The KinderCamp experience introduces children to developmentally appropriate learning experiences that strengthen skills necessary for kindergarten.  We are delighted to offer such a unique experience to our community!”


KinderCamp was available to those entering kindergarten this fall and have already registered to begin school in the fall.


Do you have a child turning 5-years-old on or before Sept. 1? Then it’s time to enroll them for kindergarten….


If you haven’t registered your child for kindergarten yet, visit our enrollment page to get your student registered before the first day of school on Aug. 15! New student enrollment information can be found at: