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National Volunteer Week: Meet the Copleys

Meet the Copleys. Parents of two high school students. Volunteers.

Beth and Chris Copley moved to Rock Hill five years ago with their two sons and wanted to get involved within the school community. “When we moved here, Rawlinson Road Middle School needed volunteers for the PTO so I volunteered to start doing things for them,” Beth said of her eagerness to get involved. Once their children moved out of middle school and onto high school, the Copleys looked for another opportunity to volunteer. That’s when they became dedicated volunteers for Back the Pack.

Back the Pack is a program that provides meals during the school year for K-12 students in need of nutritional support during weekends when school meals are unavailable. Through the partnership of Second Harvest Food Bank and Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation, volunteers pack and discreetly distribute bags of food for children to take home with them on Friday afternoon.  Every other week, Beth and Chris volunteer to sort and pack these food bags for the students in the program. “You can see the work happening,” Beth said of their time at volunteering for Back the Pack, “You see the bags filling up, see the shelves filling up. You know they are going to the kids that really need them.”

The Copleys encourage everyone to use their talents in order to help the community move forward. “There is space for everybody and everyone’s talents. There are all kind of spaces to be able to help out if you want to give back to the community, the school, and the kids,” the Copleys said, “People should volunteer because Rock Hill schools, Rock Hill in general, needs us to give back and work together to make the community a better place. We have a responsibility because we live here and because we are growing our families here to support the community.”


beth and chris copley