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South Pointe High School's Grand Opening for New School Store

South Pointe High School students walked the red carpet at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the school’s first official school store, The Pointe. Sponsored by Founders Federal Credit Union, the store launched on December 3rd following SPHS Principal Dr. Conner’s welcoming remarks to the masked crowd: “As you have seen the last couple months, many people have been working hard to open up this school store. Thank you to everyone for their efforts and positive comments.”

Back in March 2020, the conversation for a school store had begun. With the partnership of Founders Federal Credit Union CEO Mr. Brumfield and COO Mr. Wilson, the idea was slowly brought to life. The South Pointe Stallions Athletic Booster Club also collaborated on the initiative lending their financial support to the school store. Members of the Booster Club virtually attended the grand opening to offer their support and smiles.

Students of the SPHS business, financial fitness, and accounting courses worked to learn the skills and processes of opening and running a successful store. Mr. David Deyton, the Business Education teacher, guided the eager students in both the classroom and at the physical store front.  “In my computer science class, we learned excel spreadsheets. I taught them how to write formulas and ceilings functions which were applied to create pricing for items,” said Mr. Deyton.

Principal Dr. Conner is excited for the continued experiences this project will provide to current and future students, “It is a great opportunity for our students to engage in real-life learning. They have been taking the concepts and skills learned in their courses and applying them to the school store. It’s an expansion of what is learned in the classroom.” 

SPHS student council president Katia George agrees, “It creates a new path for students. For South Pointe High School and the Rock Hill school district as a whole, it creates a new standard to go above and beyond.”

The Pointe will serve as the hub for high school apparel, supplies, and SPHS merchandise. Additionally, it will serve as the home for purchasing game tickets, prom tickets, and all things South Pointe. With a centralized location, it creates an ease for students.

CJ Owens, SPHS student council vice president, is excited for all that the store will offer, “Students will have even more reason for school spirit. It brings more energy to the school!”

Ribbon Cutting school store items school store items on the wall students as cashiers