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“Outstanding service” leads School Board to extend Dr. Cook’s contract

As required by district policy and his employment contract, the Rock Hill Schools Board of Trustees met in executive session Monday evening to discuss Superintendent Bill Cook’s performance evaluation.

Board chairman Helena Miller read the below statement regarding Dr. Cook’s performance evaluation following a 7-0 vote to extend his contract one year through June 30, 2024:


We are elated with Dr. Cook’s year of exceptional service to our students, staff and community. This year’s highlights include a balanced budget and a continued emphasis on safety and security, with a specific focus on mental health support for our students. The Board celebrates a significant decrease in the turnover rate for staff and teachers.


Dr. Cook continues to build and maintain a strong positive presence in our community, and we are thankful for his leadership and heartful dedication to our area.


We have many reasons to celebrate academic gains and successes, such as increased SAT scores and improved graduation rates, under Dr. Cook’s leadership. We look forward to a continued journey in the right direction over the next year.


The Board of Trustees appreciates Dr. Cook’s compassionate and strong leadership style during the COVID-19 crisis this spring. The Board recognizes that much of the normal metrics and data are not available due to the pandemic but look forward to updates as they become available.

We thank our superintendent for a job well done during these most challenging times. Based upon the superintendent's leadership and overall outstanding evaluation, and, consistent with the terms of his contract, we will extend his contract by one year until June 30, 2024.