• Welcome to Mount Gallant Elementary School

    Located on 28 acres in beautiful, western  Rock Hill, Mount Gallant Elementary was built in 1977.  At the time of its construction, the population in Rock HIll was booming.  MGES , along with Independence Elementary, was built to ease the growth that the district was experiencing.   Mount Gallant Elementary was named for Mount Gallant Road, which is a main artery that connects eastern and western Rock Hill.  The school first served students  through sixth grade. Building additions were added in 1981 and  1983 to accomodate a student enrollment that peaked over 700.  In 1991, sixth graders were moved as a result of the changes the district made to move to the middle school concept.  Currently, Mount Gallant Elementary serves a school population close to five hundred in grades kindergarten through five. 


    Mission Statement:

    Together, we will provide opportunities for each student to grow as a resilient and inquisitive learner.


    Our Vision:

     Provide our students a world class, exciting school experience in and out of the classroom:

    • High achieving, high performing collaborative team at each level and area;

    • Each team has >50% of students make a typical year’s growth in math and reading on MAP;

    • Exceed state and district average on SC Ready;

    • Provide students STEAM experiences and extra-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom that put learning into action.


    Belief Statements:



    1. We believe that our commitment to a child’s healthy social emotional well-being goes hand-in-hand with their academic success.  We strive to create an environment where students feel safe, valued, connected, and secure, empowering them to take risks and become confident independent members of our community.

    2. We believe that building and sustaining strong relationships among our students, teachers, parents, and community are vital to our success.

    3. We believe teachers are lifelong learners and have the power to change the lives of students by instilling a growth mindset for learning.

    4. We believe that student-centered teaching guides our decisions about how to give each child what she or he most needs, including capitalizing on students’ strengths and addressing learning struggles.



    School Colors:  Blue  and Gray                                        
    Mascot:  Knight                                    
    School Motto:  All in, Mt. Gallant!


    Jacob Moree (2014-


    Latoya Dixon (January 2008-2014)
    Chris Beard (2001-December 2007)
    Al Bogan (1997-2001)
    Betty Connor (1987-1997)
    Paul Crawley (1986-1987)
    Brenda Bolt (1980-1986)
    Ted Neely  (1977-1980)